Christmas Poems | Blogmas 2018 Day 17

This blogmas we've talked about Christmas books and Christmas movies, but we haven't touched on poems yet. And there are quite a bit of Christmas poems that I absolutely love!


Historical Christmas | Blogmas 2018 Day 16

I've had so much fun exploring different Christmas traditions this year and reevaluating my own traditions and view of the world. So many of these little moments have left me in awe of the world around me and fascinated to know more about people and cultures and the history around me.

Christmas Tree Tour! | Blogmas 2018 Day 15

Today I thought I’d tell you my favorite ornaments on Josie’s and my first Christmas tree together! For those who don’t know my girlfriend, Josie and I were long distance for six years and this is our first Christmas together since I moved in with her in July!

eBook vs. Paper Books | Blogmas 2018 Day 14

I've wanted to do this post for a while and it's been sitting in my backlogs. I figured blogmas was the perfect time to do this (if nothing else than I'm running out of Christmas themed ideas). And I thought it would be interesting to do this topic because most of the time I'm pretty neutral about it. I have some pros and cons to each format which I'll outline and I lean towards one (that you will have to read to the end to find out), but most of the time it's whatever works.

Etsy Gift Guide for Bookworms | Blogmas 2018 Day 13

A few days ago I talked about shopping small businesses for Christmas presents and it sparked a lot of conversation about Etsy as a selling place. Well, since this is a book blog, I combed through Etsy to find a few very adorable gifts for the bookworms in your life, and you can feel even better about buying them from small businesses and supporting all that they do! 

Nerdy Advent Calenders | Blogmas 2018 Day 12

Last week I did a post all about unusual advent calendars, but the whole trend really kicked off a few years ago with nerdy advent calendars with favorite characters from Harry Potter and Star Wars to just nerdy themed items. I already mentioned a few in my last post, but I thought I’d take a deeper dive into more specific ones for that favorite nerd in your life (or you!)

Favorite Christmas Movies | Blogmas 2018 Day 11

A few days ago I did my favorite Christmas themed books, but what we really look forward to during the holidays are Christmas movies. From the classics to the cheesy Hallmark movies it's something that a lot of families look forward to every year and sometimes it's even a very important tradition. So here are my top 10 Christmas movies (in order).

For Readers: Gift Guide | Blogmas 2018 Day 10

Coming off of my other blogmas posts about buying gifts for writers and bloggers I thought I should do one if you’re shopping for your favorite bookworm! So I dug back into the depths of the internet for some adorable gifts for your favorite reader!

4 Holiday Reads | Blogmas Day 9

A lot of us have holiday traditions, and as a reader and writer, I have a few book traditions, too. Some of these I've rediscovered recently, and some of them I read every year. Each one of these books means something significant to me during the holidays, either in the past or now, and I'm really excited to share them with you!

Shop Small Businesses this Christmas | Blogmas 2018 Day 8

Since I moved from Boston, MA to Madison, WI one of the biggest things I've been made aware of is how often people shop locally out here. Madison's farmer's market (officially the Dane County Farmer's Market) is the largest producer-only farmers market in the country and over 150 members attend every Saturday with over 275 … Continue reading Shop Small Businesses this Christmas | Blogmas 2018 Day 8